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December Blogletter (newsletter).

NOTE: For a more detailed description of my WIP (Flow) click on the link below.

Writing Update (NaNoWriMo)

Hello, friends! *squeezes everyone with a loving hug*

I’ve missed you all so much. And I’ve missed reading your posts. But I blame it all on NaNoWrimo. LOL! Still, it was worth taking a month off to work on my new book. Even though I didn’t cross the finish line, creating 50k words, I created enough to finish what I started. Yay! I plan to complete the first draft, and the second, and the third and so on-sometime next year. Which will include revisions, polishing, formatting, and binding. Everything needed to publish my book. I REALLY hope this story will bless you somehow, someway. But for now, I will give you a sample from my WIP.

Download Your Free Sample of Flow:

In the near future (starting this month, actually), there’s gonna be LOTS of changes around here. Changes that’ll make me more legit. At least I think it will. Anyways, I’m tired of the ads and not having a cool blog name. So with that said, yours truly will be getting an official domain (that you can help me name to match my brand. By the way, what is my brand? Lemme know in the comments below.) A Street Team (where you can help me come up with ideas for blog posts, stories, videos, and team swag you’d LOVE to have. And picking a name for the team). And monthly newsletters and more! So I HOPE you stick around ‘cause I think you’ll like what I have planned for you. I mean, you’ve stuck around with me this far, so why not continue? 

*inserts cheesy grin*

But most of all, I want our friendship to grow. And in order to do so, we have to stay connected. Nothing is more important than family, friends and good health. Fine…chocolate, books and coffee are too. 

I’ll be back this week with a new blog post and a sample from my previously published book (Transgression/Persuasion), which is currently being revised. A new title, a new cover, a new everything. And a future gift from me to you!

Here’s another song from Flow’s playlist. A song Shae relates to…a song he listens to often.

Hugs & Blessings,


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