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Book Review: Bloodline by Tabitha Caplinger (Book One.)

Besides blogging, I LOVE reading-fiction, nonfiction, blog posts…And this morning it dawned on me to share my book reviews. Both old and new. Thinking, hoping, you’ll find a book (or two) that’ll capture your interest.

On that topic, if you’d like me to continue posting book reviews, possibly vlogging about them, please let me know in the comment section below.

FYI: I need new content to vlog about on YouTube, anyway. Because when the end of May arrives, I’ll be finished vlogging about my Smile Direct Club Journey. 🙂 

Bloodline (The Chronicle of the Three.)

Paperback: 196 pages

Publisher: Blue Ink Press

Genres: Teen & Young Adult Christian/Action & Adventure/ Teen & Young Adult Contempory Fantasy

Purchase Link: Amazon

Official Blurb:

Zoe thought the loss of her parents would be the most difficult thing she’d ever have to endure. When she began seeing things she couldn’t explain in her new home of Torchcreek, Virginia, she was sure the grief was driving her mad. Instead Zoe discovers she is part of an ancient bloodline, one destined to prevent the powers of darkness from condemning the world. But Zoe, the daughter of the three, isn’t just another descendant-she’s the key to humanity’s salvation. In this first installment of the supernatural fantasy trilogy The Chronicle of the Three, Zoe Andrews learns that not all shadows are harmless interceptions of light. Some are a more sinister darkness that wants to torment the soul.

My Review (Originally reviewed on March 14, 2017.)

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were likable, especially Aunt Claire and Zoe. Who reminded me of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Gotta love Gilmore Girls!) The bantering between these two was very entertaining. I also loved the fighting scenes, which the author did a fabulous job creating. It was so easy to visualize Zoe and her friends fighting against demonic shadows, slaying each one with precision and confidence. But I think Aunt Claire is the most skilled of them all. Claire totally rocks socks! (As the author herself would say.) Speaking of characters, I have to admit…Claire’s my favorite! She’s a strong and caring woman. And as for Zoe, I love the compassion she has for people, especially toward her enemies. 

Finding out about ancient journals, meeting new and intriguing people, and discovering Zoe’s true identity and purpose was more than enough to keep me flipping the pages. I recommend Bloodline to anyone who’s looking for a fast-paced read with humor and lots of action. And, of course, to anyone who loves the supernatural.

P.S. I just LOVE the name of the location/setting of the story: Torchcreek, Virginia!

Tabitha Caplinger is a wife, mom, youth pastor and professed tv addict. It’s seriously a problem but she doesn’t plan on getting help anytime soon. Mostly because she loves the stories. She can’t help but get lost in the worlds created and invested in the lives of the characters. She brings that same passion for the story to her own writing. The first two books in her YA trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three, are currently available with the final book releasing in May 2018. Aside from writing and watching tv, Tabitha can be found singing off key and dancing in the kitchen or car with her two adorably sassy daughters and awesome husband who she thinks is kind of cute.

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