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Book Review: Armor-Bearer by Tabitha Caplinger (Book Two.)

I totally recommend giving this series a chance. Especially if you like good versus evil, demon hunting/slaying, witty characters, lots of bantering, sweet teenage romance and yummy food. Lollipops, in particular. Don’t ask, you’ll just have to read the books for yourself. LOL! 

Armor-Bearer (Book two in The Chronicle of the Three.)

Paperback: 202 pages

Publisher: Blue Ink Press

Genres: Teen & Young Adult Christian Fantasy/Literature/Teen & Young Adult Fantasy

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Official Blurb:

Darkness creeps around every corner as demons gather in the small town of Torch Creek, Virginia. The Destroyer has arrived, and the Reaping is coming closer by the day. Zoe knows it’s her duty as the Daughter of the Three to hold back the shadows, but she doesn’t know how—and time is running out. Zoe and her friends turn to the ancient text of The Chronicle for help. Are they strong enough to withstand an enemy who exploits their deepest fears and doubts? Will they find the answers they’re looking for before all of Hell is unleashed?

Zoe’s journey as the prophecy’s promised Daughter continues in this second installment of the fantasy trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three. This tale of demon slayers is perfect for fans of Frank Peretti and Cassandra Clare.

My Review (Originally reviewed on July 4, 2017.)

Just so you know, this review is not new, but it has been recently updated. I have one more book in this series to read (Eden Sword), and I’m SUPER excited to see how this supernatural battle will continue to unfold.

Author Tabitha Caplinger conveys spiritual warfare in such a powerful way. The pages of Armor-Bearer are embedded with eerie shadows, kick-butt battle scenes, and likable characters. And an intense plot that’ll keep you turning the pages to see who or what will pop up next!

Even though Zoe and the gang scarf down one too many pancakes, and Aunt Claire consumes one too many cups of coffee, their conversations in the kitchen make me laugh. A lot. But they also make me REALLY hungry. The only not-so-stellar comment I have about this book, is the not-so-shocking “shock” that Zoe and the others express when certain deceased loved ones make their appearances. (Their reactions don’t seem realistic when it comes to the dead being brought back to life.) Just sayin’. Other than that, book two of the TCO3 Series is my favorite so far! Could this really be the end for a particular character? *bites nails*

Armor-Bearer is a compelling and fast-paced read that will appeal to a wide audience. And for those on Team God, Zoe is not the only one who is chosen and loved-YOU are too! 

Super excited to read the final book in the series: Eden Sword.

If you haven’t read book one (Bloodline), then stop right here and scroll down just a tad. You can find out more about Tabitha, her books, and how to connect with her. And then you can check out my super cool TCO3 Swag. 🙂  

There’ so much I love about this book, so I made a list of my top four. 1) Seeing Lucas change for the better and how he fits in with the other demon slayers. 2) Learning more about Claire and her past, including her previous engagement. 3) When the Maker talks to Maggie about not needing a “mark” to be chosen. 4) The thrill of meeting new characters.

Tabitha Caplinger is a wife, mom, youth pastor and professed tv addict. It’s seriously a problem but she doesn’t plan on getting help anytime soon. Mostly because she loves the stories. She can’t help but get lost in the worlds created and invested in the lives of the characters. She brings that same passion for the story to her own writing. The first two books in her YA trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three, are currently available with the final book releasing in May 2018. Aside from writing and watching tv, Tabitha can be found singing off key and dancing in the kitchen or car with her two adorably sassy daughters and awesome husband who she thinks is kind of cute.

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