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Illusionary Blog Tour (Author Desiree Williams.)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I’m so excited to share the new book cover for Illusionary by Desiree Williams. Along with a special guest post of this most fantastical book.

It’s been about two years since I read Illusionary. And I’m SO looking forward to revisit the Land of Ur. I have a feeling it’s gonna be even more magical than the first time when I fell down the stairs, right behind Kamryn, and then found myself surrounded by twittering birds and a wooden grove…



Official Blurb:

Dorothy got sucked into a tornado.

Alice fell down a hole.

Wendy flew to Neverland.

Kamryn? She tripped down the stairs.

Now, Kamryn Kensington finds herself in a strange new world. Within minutes of her arrival, she dodges an archer’s arrow and avoids getting sliced up by a cosplay reject holding a dagger to her throat. And that’s before the storyteller’s breath brings stories to life.

Home is the mission—to return to her family and pursue her life’s dream of art and travel. Yet the longer she’s in the Land of Ur, the harder it is not to feel for the people she meets. Even her artistic side can’t help but breathe in the beautiful wonder and magic of this new world. So when the Oracle hands her a different quest, she takes it on the condition he sends her home afterward.   

No one thought to warn her of a jealous queen and her dragon minions. Or that, by helping her, the cute storyteller would go crazy. Or that her heart would rip in two when she left. Those would’ve been great facts to know ahead of time.

Considering that nothing in Ur is what it seems, the mission proves to be more than she ever imagined. But more than her own future will be in jeopardy if Kamryn doesn’t succeed.

Paperback: 232 pages

Publisher: Desiree Williams Books

Genres: Christian Fantasy/Literature/Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Purchase LinksAmazon Barnes & Noble Kobo iBooks

And now presenting the new cover for Illusionary! (Designer: J.L. Mbewe of PalaCreative.)

Guest Post by Desiree Williams. (I mean, Kamryn.) 😛

Kam’s Travel Guide: 5 Tips for Surviving Ur

Hi there, all you fabulous travelers!

I hear you’re lookin’ to take a dive into Ur. Awesome! It’s a gorgeous place! Full of vibrant colors and epic landscapes. Gah, seriously! I would love nothing more than to paint alllll the scenes.

However … despite its beauty, dangers lurk in the hidden corners of Ur. And if you aren’t careful, you could face-plant into each and every one of them. Which is pretty much what I did. *facepalm*

So here are a few tips to keep in mind for your adventure. You know … to keep you alive. *wink*

Tip 1: Hide all jewelry

Especially necklaces! A native just may think it’s theirs and call you a thief.

Here’s a glimpse of my hard-learned lesson:

Cold steel forced her chin upward until gray eyes cut her with their hardened gaze. “So you’re a thief then? How did you get past my defenses?”

Kam swallowed but almost choked on her own spit as the blade of Reese’s dagger rubbed her skin. “W-what are you t-talking about?”

“The gem around your neck. Who hired your thieving hands?”

“I …” She inched away from the blade. Her breathing turned shallow. “It was a gift.”

Reese is sooo lucky he apologized for that nonsense. Ha!

Tip 2: Don’t dash into Bellwisp’s woods without the Storyteller

Tock means well. Promise. He’s just a bit protective and guards Reese’s home well. It’s just … being in the mouth of a monster-sized crocodile is the last thing I’d want for your trip itinerary.

Unless you find rolling around in a pungent mess of bones and rotting carcasses an exhilarating experience?

If you do, we may need to swing by the Oracles’ cottage to get your head checked out. Just sayin’.

Kam had died. She knew it. The world had to know it by now, too. However, the pungent scent of animal carcasses wasn’t what she expected heaven to smell like. The odd swaying made her a tad sick. Peeling her eyes open, she braved a look. Small beams of light shone through cracks in the long rows of teeth. Saliva whished around her. Bone fragments and clumps of animal fur floated by. She slapped a hand over her mouth. Blowing chunks wouldn’t aid her plight.

Tip 3: Always be on guard in the Dark Queen’s territory

Never get distracted while in Nasrin’s kingdom!

So many creatures lurk about. Best to keep the pace moving, looking over your shoulder.

Buddy systems work best. Well, as long as both you and your buddy pay close attention to the shadows. Wadewricks have an unhealthy taste for meat. *shivers*

A scratching caught her attention. Cracked green skin covered the gangly thin frame of a creature slinking toward her on the branch above.

A shriek lodged in her throat. What was that thing?

Twigs stretched from its scalp—similar to hair. Black eyes narrowed as they soaked her in. A wide smile revealed spiked wooden teeth. Greenish liquid dripped from the corner of its lips, and a long, dark gray tongue darted to lick it up. Foreign words erupted from its mouth as it drew closer.

Ahh! See what I mean!! Learn from my experience—don’t get snatched up by those crazies.

Tip 4: Don’t risk your life visiting Jolly Harbor

If you happen to land in Jolly Harbor by accident, find a way out—fast! Those pirates will do anything for a quick coin.

Those rundown sights ain’t worth it.

Trust me! I have the scars to prove it.

A speck of light hit her eyes, blinding her a second.

She blinked and scanned the bank across the creek. A gleam of metal inside a bush caught her attention, and a boom sent flocks of birds to flight.

Something slammed into her chest, propelling her to the ground.

Sucking in air, Kam tried to turn on her side to sit up. An unseen weight kept her down while fire spread out to her limbs. Shouts played harmony with the ringing in her ears. She passed a hand over her chest.

Her vision blurred, but the red sticky blood coating her palm couldn’t be denied. “Why do people keep shooting me?”

Case in point! Let these lessons sink in, friends. Ur can be a gorgeous travel destination, but it ain’t the easiest place to travel.

Tip 5: Have cake for breakfast!

Because, um, hellooooo. The Storyteller can make a fresh, glorious slice appear in your palm. So why not? Right!

Go ahead. Eat the cake. Especially since survival expectancy is low while journeying through Ur.

You’ll thank me later. *wink*

Then, in that deeper tone of his, he said, “Cake.”

Small spurts of gray clouds caressed her hand and those of the boys. A silver plate with a glorious slice of chocolate gooeyness rested on her upturned palm. Bouncing on her toes, she squealed a little—okay, a lot. “Oh my goodness! Thank you.”

Well, that’s all the tips I have for you right now!

Diving into Ur may not be what it seems at first. But it can be such a grand adventure.

Oh, and tell Duchess Paloma I said “Hi” while you’re traveling! Just don’t let her dress you. Ugh, talk about an epic fashion disaster. And she’ll make you look bad on purpose!

Anyhoo … best of luck to ya!

~xo Kam

Desiree Williams is a dreamer by day and chocoholic by night. She lives in the beautiful state of Kentucky with her husband and daughter, where she juggles life as a wannabe supermom. Desiree is a lover of food and avoider of dirty dishes. She delights in making people laugh and strives to bring hope and love with her wherever she goes.

You can find out more about Desiree and her books at 

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2 thoughts on “Illusionary Blog Tour (Author Desiree Williams.)

    1. You’re more than welcome. 🙂 ❤ And thank you, Desiree, for taking the time to visit along with your friends from the Land of Ur. ❤ I SO loved Kam’s traveling tips!


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