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Writing Update (NaNoWriMo)

Hello friends! I’m sooooo sorry for leaving you hanging. But that’s because I’ve been spending my time nanoing as much as I can. Translation: I’ve been writing since the first of this month, transferring the new story in my mind onto Microsoft Word. So far I’ve completed ten chapters, and I’m very close to finishing the eleventh one. TheContinue reading “Writing Update (NaNoWriMo)”

And the Journey Begins! (Smile Direct Club.)

Here are the links to the first two blogs about my Pre-Smile Journey: Say Cheese! Blog #1 Say Cheese…Again! (Blog/Vlog #2) Hallelujah! My Smile Direct clear aligners FINALLY arrived today! Lemme just tell ya… some things require pain. Like working out, writing a book (especially during NaNoWrimo) and getting a pretty and healthy smile. 🤩😁🎊 Smile DirectContinue reading “And the Journey Begins! (Smile Direct Club.)”

A Dash of This. A Dash of That.

Giving you a heads-up just in case you’re expecting cooking tips and scrumptious recipes. ‘Cause this post has nothing to do with food. Sorry! But what you can expect is a nonfood smorgasbord of words (content). Kay, now that’s outta the way, you may continue if you wish to do so. Which I hope you do! I’ll even addContinue reading “A Dash of This. A Dash of That.”

Say Cheese…Again! (Blog/Vlog #2)

Hello, friends! 🙂  (If you didn’t read Say Cheese Blog #1, you can do so by clicking HERE.) It’s been a minute, but I’m back. With exciting news! For me, anyway. But it can be for you, too, if you need help with your smile. With that said, check out my latest video. And my super duper hideous teeth. Eep! Continue reading “Say Cheese…Again! (Blog/Vlog #2)”

Don’t Let Your Kryptonite Stop You!

This past Saturday my husband and I along with our youngest daughter (and a couple of friends) headed downtown for Oktoberfest. And we had SO much fun! It was also empowering-because anxiety and panic didn’t tag along-due to the myriads of people walking up and down the streets that didn’t phase me one bit. I was soContinue reading “Don’t Let Your Kryptonite Stop You!”

Falling for Fun: Book Giveaway & More!

Hi friends!  Hope you’re having a good day. Over here, the sky is dark and cloudy. It’s raining and the temperature is cool. Ah…fall is my favorite season. Cozy sweaters and hoodies, quirky socks (ankle or knee high) and, of course, coffee. French Toast Swirl creamer was added to my cup this morning. Yum! Enough about me, though. Let’s continue the dayContinue reading “Falling for Fun: Book Giveaway & More!”

Boo-kish News!

Hi friends!  Hope y’all had a good day. As for me, my day was pretty great. The fall weather made it more delightful. So did my pumpkin spice flavored coffee. Yum! Anyways…  Since creating this blog, I’ve been following God’s lead, writing specific posts once a week. But now, He’s leading me in a different direction. Actually, it’s an extension.Continue reading “Boo-kish News!”

Faith or Not, Fear Will Find A Way….

I wrote a blog post addressing mental and emotional conditions (Nobody Understands. I Look Fine. But I’m Not). I didn’t focus, however, about what it’s like being a Christian who struggles with chronic anxiety, fear, and insecurity all the while feeling like a failure because I’m supposed to have faith, not fear. To be more than aContinue reading “Faith or Not, Fear Will Find A Way….”