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My Blog’s Been Hijacked! :)

“Trent, can you grab my phone? It’s next to the computer.” Jannette asks. “Okeydoke.” Trent makes his way to the living room. Grabbing the phone off the desk, he glances up. His eyes twinkling with intrigue as he stares at the computer screen. Jannette has a blog? Saweet! He hurries back to the kitchen and hands her the phone.Continue reading “My Blog’s Been Hijacked! :)”

Just Chillax and Have Fun!

Happy Saturday, fellow bloggers! Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been talking about the various mental and emotional struggles I’ve dealt with, or still do. I’ve been blogging to let you, and others, know that you’re NOT alone. And I’m always hoping to bring you comfort, advice, and encouragement. In every way I’m able to. Speaking of,Continue reading “Just Chillax and Have Fun!”

It’s Ok. I Got Your Back. (You Deserve Love Too.)

I’ve always had a tender heart. And because of that, my compassion always turns into empathy. The overwhelming love of my grandparents (up until their last breath) could be the reason as to why I care so much. But mainly, it’s because of all the rejection, betrayal, mistreatment and lack of support from others that has wounded meContinue reading “It’s Ok. I Got Your Back. (You Deserve Love Too.)”

Nobody Understands (I Look Fine. But I’m Not.)

Living with an invisible illness-anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD…and their different levels of intensity-can be difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible, when talking about them to others. I’ve been living with chronic anxiety and agoraphobia for twenty-some years. As for panic attacks, they occur every now and then. Thank God.  Speaking about your internal sicknesses and struggles are so important. But findingContinue reading “Nobody Understands (I Look Fine. But I’m Not.)”

Tribe, Where Are You?!

I just wanna belong.  But no matter where I go, or who I’m surrounded with, connections always fail. If they fuse together, it’s usually right away. But then quickly fizzle out. And sometimes they never get the chance to spark. I don’t know what hurts more: being noticed and then being dismissed. Or, not being noticed at all.  VisibilityContinue reading “Tribe, Where Are You?!”

You Hurt me. Why Should I Forgive You?

When it comes to betrayal-from a spouse, family member, friend, co-worker, or stranger-it HURTS. And whether or not it’s your fault or somebody else’s (or both) forgiveness is vital. Not sure about you, but the word ‘forgiveness’ causes me to feel anger and anxiety. Most of the time, anyway. It’s human nature, after all, to have the desireContinue reading “You Hurt me. Why Should I Forgive You?”