Book Review: Armor-Bearer by Tabitha Caplinger (Book Two.)

I totally recommend giving this series a chance. Especially if you like good versus evil, demon hunting/slaying, witty characters, lots of bantering, sweet teenage romance and yummy food. Lollipops, in particular. Don’t ask, you’ll just have to read the books for yourself. LOL!  Armor-Bearer (Book two in The Chronicle of the Three.) Paperback: 202 pages Publisher: Blue Ink Press Genres:Continue reading “Book Review: Armor-Bearer by Tabitha Caplinger (Book Two.)”

Book Review: Bloodline by Tabitha Caplinger (Book One.)

Besides blogging, I LOVE reading-fiction, nonfiction, blog posts…And this morning it dawned on me to share my book reviews. Both old and new. Thinking, hoping, you’ll find a book (or two) that’ll capture your interest. On that topic, if you’d like me to continue posting book reviews, possibly vlogging about them, please let me know inContinue reading “Book Review: Bloodline by Tabitha Caplinger (Book One.)”

Bitter Roots. Unfruitful Branches. (Toxicity of the Soul.)

It wasn’t until a few years ago when God exposed the heart of my issues. With His illuminating light, He showed me the internal branches (the toxic thoughts and emotions) that needed to be cut off and thrown into the fire. But His light kept shining, finding its way deeper and deeper until it reached the essenceContinue reading “Bitter Roots. Unfruitful Branches. (Toxicity of the Soul.)”


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