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End of 2019 (Updates & Another Freebie.)

I know…it’s been a while. The past couple weeks were pretty busy. A Winter Showcase (that our teenage daughter was a part of) and a full week of festivities were the reasons why. Games, food, and movies were enjoyed with family and friends. Whether it’s a holiday, a special occasion, a weekend, or everyday life…these are my favorite type of hangouts. 

These movies are Jannette approved: family friendly and enjoyable to watch. 🙂

How did your holiday season go? Did you celebrate throughout the month? During the week of Christmas? Or the night before? Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

Between all the fellowship and fun, I also experienced a lot of pain. My back locked up two weeks ago due to a slipped disc. Which gave me no choice but to remain immobile as I healed. Thank God I’m so much better now! Pretty sure most of my back issues have to do with giving birth to five children. They’re all healthy, though, so I’m not complaining. Still, another reason to look after my health. And the way I bend, stretch and straighten from now on. 


You may or may not be aware about my Smile Journey through SmileDirect Club. Either way, if you’re interested in following my smile journey, you can do so by checking out my YouTube channel. Sometime this week, I’ll be posting my latest video update for Month 2 Weeks 3/4.

Well, that’s all I got for now. But before I go, I’ll leave a link where you can download your 2nd sample of my work-in-progress: Flow (Chapters 1 & 2 of my YA/Contemporary/Mental Illness stand-alone story). Still not sure about the word count. It may end up being a short story or novelette. Writing full-length novels is always a challenge. As for epic…don’t event think about it. LOL! My jam is writing fast-paced reads. Reading included. 

Just one more thing before I go. If you don’t mind, will you take a minute or two to participate in the survey below? It would really help me to get to know you better. Along with creating content that will hopefully be more relevant to you. Thanks so much, my friend!

Click Here to Fill Out the Survey.


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